01. The [capacity] of this elevator is only 500 kilograms.
02. The hospital is filled to [capacity], and patients are having to sleep in beds in the halls.
03. A [capacity] crowd of 17,000 fans were packed into the arena to see the final game of the season.
04. Your sister-in-law seems to have an endless [capacity] for love and concern for others.
05. The [capacity] of my fuel tank is about 50 liters, I think.
06. His mental [capacity] is quite low as a result of the accident.
07. The factory has increased its production [capacity] by over 15% to meet the growing demand.
08. Omar Bradley once remarked that bravery is the [capacity] to perform properly even when scared half to death.
09. The short-term memory [capacity] for most people is between five and nine items or digits, which is why telephone numbers are just 7 digits.
10. The machine is working at maximum [capacity], so we can't go any faster than we already are.
11. The development of tools increases people's [capacity] to exploit their environment.
12. Arnold Bennett once observed that the real tragedy in life is the man who never stretches to his full [capacity].
13. The world's largest prison is located in the United States, and has a maximum [capacity] of 6,500 inmates.
14. Winston Churchill once said that true genius resides in the [capacity] for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information.
15. Studies show that even young smokers have reduced lung [capacity].
16. Sudan has a very limited electrical generating [capacity] of about 1.1 kilowatts annually.
17. Many travelers to Bolivia become [incapacitated] by altitude sickness caused by the thin air.
18. The planned expansion of the refinery will increase [capacity] there from 80,000 barrels per day to 240,000.
19. Computer floppy disks are slow, and have a limited [capacity].
20. While it is true that everyone has a [capacity] for change, there is a big difference between wishing and wanting change, and actually setting a realizable goal.
21. Police are experimenting with a bean bag gun which can [incapacitate] people without causing them any serious injury.
22. Until recently, mankind seemed to believe that the [capacity] for growth on this planet was unlimited.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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